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Our software includes much more than POS. It handles your accounts receivable and accounts payable records, and manages user and task logs, with a variety of reports. We also offer many useful integrated applications, such as product packaging, delivery tracking, mobile labeling, PO’s and sales orders. 

Top of the line brands from servers to keyboards, are always well priced. A full stock room of equipment is available on demand to keep your business up and running.

Parts and supplies will be sent to you all set up and ready for use.

Our tech team of college graduates is keeping tabs on various advanced protection methods to eliminate potential breaches or loss of information. With multi permission levels, we provide web filters that suit your needs and secures work environment. 

Incoming email are responded to in real time; each request handled zealously with individuality and is marked as important. 

A staff of skilled representatives give you immediate assistance should the need arise, and tackle your questions and inquires in a professional manner. 


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