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Supermarkets, groceries are our favorite – it was our starting point. Hence, our system has it all, from phone orders to delivery tracking; accounts receivable and payable; users and department accessibility’s restriction settings; product labeling and repackaging; and much more…

Fisheries, butchers and delis, have a clear outlook on customer orders, for retail and wholesale. With a real-time detailed preparation guide, the process is smooth and easy.

Liquor and vineyards rely on our POS for the accuracy of their valuable inventory. Each bottle is tracked from its PO; receiving; up to the end users l’chaim sip.

Clothing and outfit trades can be very challenging when missing a logical systematic approach. With each items colors and sizes, returns, and custom tailoring, our POS system is the perfect solution.

Easily label books with in-store barcodes, keep track on for-customer PO’s, and institutional orders and prices. Tell your customer the real-time status of his special engraving or embroidery order.

Houseware and appliances; small and major; residential and cooperated accounts; Chusen-Kallah orders; are all built-in features. Synchronize your inventory with Amazon, eBay, and your website.  

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