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Some of our services...

POS Installation

With the right people at the right time, POS installation is a smooth process. Vital data from your outdated POS, will be formatted and imported to the new system. Our trained team will assure that all peripherals are cooperating and comfortable with the new system.


There is no need to be concerned about training your staff. In addition to onsite instruction, a brief user manual will answer your questions until you become a pro. 


When your POS guy is your IT guy too – you should be completely relaxed! There is one number to contact for all software and hardware issues. 


We stand behind our hardware; your problem becomes ours. Configuration for new devices is included in the package. No additional fee. 



A yearly maintenance contract is the smart business decision one can choose. It is not only an insurance that we will be there for you in time of need, rather it’s what motivates you to benefit and use the system to the max.


Since perfection is what we seek, we urge our clients to use every feature and we welcome every question.


Clients who use the system to the utmost have been heard saying, "It was worth the investment."

System Updates

Applications don’t have an ending point by us, until they reach a climax. Thats why our developers are brainstorming and creating throughout the day, adopting more simplicity and flexibility features assuring the users comfort. Other options are initiated by valuable clients, who are credited for their input.


Back up

Daily backup is of utmost 


Your POS data is updated daily to our main server. However, we strongly insist that your manager runs a backup on an external memory card as he leaves for the day.

Should any destruction happen, we will restore your latest data into the POS.


Being in “the line” for 30 years, you can be sure we know the industry. We are glad to offer our knowledge and discuss ideas in executing them successfully.

Thinking about membership program, rebate points, discounts and other promotions? We can guide you through it and seek individual solutions.

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