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The Logical Choice!


When a mere aisle of grocery products boasted bar-codes, POS WITH LOGIC CO. foresaw the revolution in sight. The influx of customers and their demands required a systemized structure; thus developed a step-by-step detailed and brilliant techniques and methods to increase efficiency. Our company won the trust of clients and what followed was a friendship; a commitment to provide a customized user-friendly light-weight system to each supermarkets' individual needs. From register checkout, back-end office, delivery tracking, product packaging and labeling, phone orders, web-integration, accounts payable, and mobile applications. Technically inclined and devoted store managers know that when an idea is borne, the results exceed their expectations.

After 30 years in business we take pride in our:

  • Systems' clarity, efficiency, accuracy and simplicity

  • Multi-functional and environment customization

  • Systems' smooth operation under high volume

  • Chain-store real-time collaboration

And above all:

  • Highly rated customer satisfaction 


After a thorough analysis of the specific needs of your business, great minds strategize and computerize; striving for excellence. 


Corporate accounts, wholesale, franchisors, user control, these are all built-in preferences that will replace hours of recalculations aggravations and negotiations – it’s all on paper!


With over 2 million sales processed daily through our POS system – we don’t play “mission accomplished”. We are highly motivated and have the expertise to collaborate with today's ever changing technology.


Therefore, our software developers are constantly upgrading and enhancing the application, while our tech team is on board with the newest hardware possibilities and integration. 


If you are a keen business person – you definitely need Logic’s POS system to execute your ideas. Call us today, we’ll serve you best.

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